On the wall.

This is one of the biggest watercolors I have ever made( 49 x 65 inches). It is entitle ” Think we are gonna need a Bodhisattva”.

on the wall

The concept of Bodhisattva is a very interesting belief in some ancient schools of Buddhism. Bodhisattvas are considered enlightened beings of true compassion and power who have put off entering Nirvana in order to help others attain enlightenment. For me is really interesting how a beliefs system had develop such an ideal and I wanted to play with that concept.

on the wall2

on the wall 4

on the wall 3

At the end we are all beings paddling in the same boat in a complex sea with no much knowledge about directions more than our own spiritual certainty.
I enjoyed very much doing this painting.

Have a nice weekend!




Calma y respira tres veces ( Calm down and breathe three times). A Self Portrait.

Here are some pics I took in the process of this self portrait


I have outlined with graphite the almost imperceptible image. Later, when I paint it with watercolor do not necessarily fill the exact drawing, sometimes I go out and others I do not touch the line. Most of the times I prefer not to draw very defined hands, feet and eyes, I think they are important expression points and it is more effective to paint them straight with the brush.





proceso 2

Here  is the resulting image in my table.


Detail 1


Detail 2


The final image.

calma y respira red

Hope you have enjoyed this process.

Have a nice weekend!


One Proposal

Here is the proposal I recently made for Santillana Publisher. They have previously asked me to portrait Jose Marti as a child  to test my suitability for their new project .

The book in progress  is a beautifully written story by Cuban author Antonio Orlando Rodriguez, about  an alleged episode in Marti’s childhood related to his friendship with Fermin Valdes Dominguez, when both were students at the same classroom.

Hope you enjoy it!

jose 1 jose 2



To know more about Jose Marti,  leader of Cuban Independentist movement and extraordinary poet:



Hello there!

Work in progress

Today I am excited to publish my first post on this blog.  From this place I will be sharing my art and anything that I consider interesting.

Have a wonderful day and I am looking forward to connecting with you from here.