Viernes / Friday

Viernes detail 1

viernes detail 2

viernes detalle 4

Viernes red

I titled this piece “Viernes” ( Friday). It is part of my project  “Semana” ( Week).

A very personal series based on the subjective aspects that usually are associated with time and the ideas that are created in the process of recycling spiritual yearnings, hopes and dreams.

This is a watercolor on paper.

Have a nice weekend!


Illustrations for “The Bird”

By the time I lived in Barcelona illustrated literature for adults was something common.
I made this illustrations for “The bird”, a short tale by controversial Cuban author
Juan Abreu.
Abreu himself suggested me to illustrate the story which seemed very interesting and challenging from the visual aspect viewpoint.
These images were never published but I enjoyed very much the process of creating them.
The story tells about a misanthropist writer who is tired of his human condition and decides to become a bird through a DNA modification.
This is a bitter dark tale with bizarre characters and some kind of punk gothic spirit.
Hope you enjoy the images!

7 el pajaro 1, acuarela y collage red


el pajaro3 red

el pajaro4 red

El pajaro 2, red


el pajaro5 red

Have a wonderful day!


Los motivos del lobo (The Wolf Motives)

Being a teenager I was impressed by Ruben Dario’s “ The Wolf Motives”( “Los motivos del lobo”) and my admiration for that jewel of poetry has not decreased with time.
This is an illustration I did for my portfolio six years a go. It represents that moment when Saint Francis and the wolf of Gubbio meet for the first time. I wanted to create an image of  trust, showing that humbleness and at the same time greatness that are characteristic of the Saint, in relation to the ferocity of the wolf of Gubbio.
I would like to think of this image as a metaphor of the understanding between humans and nature.
When the poem is translated to English, off course, will never be as beautiful as it is in Spanish since the sound of words and rhymes are lost. Recently I found this translation which  is a good effort to keep the content and the beauty of the story.


All right, Brother Francis!

Nice weekend!



Birds in my work

Here are some images of birds I selected from different moments of my work.
Birds are creatures related to the most invisible, elusive and intangible of the classical four elements: air. That explain why they have been traditionally so connected with spiritual meanings in multiple levels.

I commonly use birds to represent forces and knowledge that challenge our sphere of familiarity and are beyond of what we humans can conceive or measure.

Birds also remind us that we live in a very uncertain and mysterious universe.

designio red





reflejo red

lluvia de sabado

Game Piece..

things that happen in my garden1

loque va y no viene detail red

unpredictable wind

Evidencia del Cielo,oil on canvas,56 x 69in, 2004

aves 1

Hallazgo,54x32inches, acrylic on canvas





Have a nice weekend!




The Ornithologist

Some years ago I created this image  for my illustrator’s portfolio.

In my mind there was not any particular story related to the picture, it just came to my mind as you see it.

I think there is a tale, I still don’t know, waiting to be told here.

Perhaps we should ask the ornithologist about it.  Curiously I have never ask him before.

The Ornothologist, watercolor on paper (illustration)

The Ornothologist, watercolor on paper (illustration)


Three Gardens

The Garden have been a recurrent subject in my work.
While working in a new project about the garden these days I found these watercolors I made in 2010, in Barcelona, after visiting Palau Robert, a very beautiful and quiet place near the heart of the city. Sitting in one of the gardens of the building, waiting for a friend, I remembered how much I had been bonded to the experience of creating a garden with my own hands in the past. Emotionally speaking I was living then one of the most difficult and “nomadic moments” of my life and the feeling of a nostalgic remembrance came to me.
These works belong to the series Small Gardens and represent the idea of becoming a moving garden as a possibility of discovering a new dimension we did not suspect that exists in our self

jardin de lazaro red 1

Lazaro’s Garden II


watergarden red

Water Garden.



Waiting Garden.

Have a good weekend!