Artist Statement

The images I create reflect my long held interest in ancient myths and symbols of transcendent knowledge. The contemplative as well as the philosophical converge in my work. But, ultimately, my visions belong to me. They are the result of my own concerns, my uncertainties, fears, yearnings and questions — “my sense of reality”.

My work is formally evocative of old worldviews for these views have been an inspiration to me. Most of them encode timeless and meaningful contents that relate to contemporary issues. And they form an archive that encloses endless possibilities for inquiring about my place in this cosmos.

I have also seen my work as a divertimento in which to settle my interests. Being a sort of a visual transmuter of my own experiences. I move in dynamic “parables” with fabulous appearance, deriving one from the other and having their own internal logic. In many ways, these images reflect the experience of being a “nomad”, of coming from an island, the fear and wonder of the unknown, of the uncertain, the relative perception of “reality” and above all, the search for a transcendent viewpoint that fuses the obsessions that drive my life.