A Poster for “Mi Platero”

This is a commissioned poster I made for Artefactus Teather a group based in Miami.
Soon they will present the play “Mi platero” ( My Platero), as part of the activities taking place in the city to celebrate the centennial of “Platero y yo” ( Platero and I) publishing, the beloved book by laureate Spanish poet Juan Ramon Jimenez.

The play is a ludic exercise for two actors inspired in the years that Juan Ramon Jimenez and his wife, Zenobia Campubri spent in Miami as part of their exile.

poster dibujo1

The initial drawing.


mi platero detalle 1 red



Mi platero poster

The text in the poster is no definitive, just a proof to see how it works



To know more about Juan Ramon Jimenez y Zenobia Campubri:





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