Confines, is the title of my coming up exhibition and  also the name of one of the series that are going to be exhibited whose subjects are a sort of simulated islands. When finishing 2015 I made three watercolor of these islands as part of my project Pieces and Portions and I have been developing related ideas since the beginning of this present year. When curator Andres Isaac Santana told me that my exhibition project had been approved as part of the project Aularte to be in a gallery called La Isla ( the Island), located in a neighborhood in Madrid’s center, I could not believe such an amazing coincidence. I want to thank Andres and the gallery’s director Luis Santamaria for considering my work and for this opportunity.



Seven Seas are getting dry!

Here are my short series Seven Seas already finished and drying. A group of pieces painted with oil, on canvas. that will be in my coming up exhibition. I will talk about that very soon. The classical  expression “Seven Seas” as a metaphor of a comprehensive whole is here interpreted as seven portions or samples of water confined in assay tubes developing the idea of seven ‘cognitive states”related to that kind of knowledge that comes from processes of growing up and off course self confrontation.

deck1red Regards!

The Open Studio

Dear friends, the open studio last Saturday in Toronto was a complete success. There was a constant flow of visitors during the three hours it lasted!. I had the opportunity to meet some interesting people between art lovers and collectors and off course to have good friends around me. Thanks to those people who help me with the event, Susan Stewart, James SF Wilson and in a very special place, Ricardo Acosta. Hope you enjoy these images.















Invitation to Open Studio def

Best regards!


“Cielo Ubicuo” (triptych I & II)

The pieces of “Cielo Ubicuo” series can coexist one beside the other as a random game pieces with no specific restrictions of order. They can work like stages of a journey full of  unpredictable accidents to oneself  knowledge.

Here are the compositions I like the most.

triptico cu2


triptico 5 definitivo


Below you can see how three of them look on the wall of a Canadian collector.

canadian collector